Herutu Electronics Corporation provides industrial wireless solutions for manufacturing sites: Pokayoke Tools (transmitter & receiver, pliers wrench, check pen), Wireless Call Systems (Andon), and Remote Control Systems.

Pokayoke Tools

Check Pen S


Check Pen S

Check Pen S

The Check Pen S is a up-to-date check pen that helps to prevent the omission (pokayoke) of the marking work.

Please watch a video of Pokayoke using Check Pen S.

Due to the embedded wireless module HRF-2402, the pen can communicate with a Pokayoke receiver. We offer products that are compatible with various brands of pens, such as Mitsubishi Pencil, Shachihata, Pentel, Pilot Corporation, etc. Pens sold in your country can be also supported. Please contact us.

(*)HRF-2402 is a wireless module equipped with various interfaces. By installing an interface board equipped with the necessary input and output capabilities, the module can be attached to various tools. Our original product the Check Pen S also comes with the module embedded. This module can communicate with Pokayoke receivers TW-800R-***.


We support various commercially available pens. Pens sold in your country can be also supported. Please contact us.

Check Pen S

(Cases of pens sold in Japan)

Type Product Number Pen Manufacturer
CP-02S PX-20
Mitsubishi Pencil
Magic Ink No.500 Teranishi Chemical Industry
Pilot Corporation
CP-03S MMP-20
CP-05S PX-21 Mitsubishi Pencil
CP-06S 400FX Shachihata
CP-07S WBMK-M Pilot Corporation
CP-08S 600 Alton
CP-11S K-177N Shachihata

* Other manufacturers and pens are also available. Please contact us.

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