Herutu Electronics Corporation provides industrial wireless solutions for manufacturing sites: Pokayoke Tools (transmitter & receiver, pliers wrench, check pen), Wireless Call Systems (Andon), and Remote Control Systems.

How To Use

Video Instructions on How to Use Products

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Pokayoke ToolsTransmitter/Receiver, Pliers Wrench, Check Pen S, and etc.


Pokayoke using various tools

SimplePokayokeCounter TW-800R-SC

Pokayoke using Power Tool

Pokayoke using Torque Wrench

Pokayoke using Pliers Wrench

Pokayoke using Pen ("Check Pen S")

Pokayoke using Pen ("Check Pen")

Pokayoke using Stamp


Set up pliers wrench for Pokayoke

Set up torque wrench for Pokayoke

Pair TW-800R and a tool

Pair TW-800R-EXP and three tools

Wireless Call SystemsWireless Call Systems

Wireless Call Systems AN920 / BN920

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