Herutu Electronics Corporation provides industrial wireless solutions for manufacturing sites: Pokayoke Tools (transmitter & receiver, pliers wrench, check pen), Wireless Call Systems (Andon), and Remote Control Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q1. General Questions

1-1 How can I get instruction manuals on products?
Product instruction manuals are provided on the "Download Instruction Manual" page.
Products in the instruction manuals on the web site and the product you are using may be different.
If you are unsure, please contact the distributor where you purchased the product.
1-2 How can I get a product catalog?
Product catalogs are provided on the "Download Catalog" page.
If you need a printed catalog, please contact your local distributor.
1-3 Can I borrow/trial equipment before purchasing?
Please contact your local distributor.
1-4 How can I get a quote for products I wish to purchase?
We kindly advise you to obtain a quote and purchase from your local distributor.
For distributors, please contact our sales department via the "Contact Us" form.
1-5 How can I check if your products will reach a specific communication distance?
Wireless communication may be greatly influenced by the surrounding environment, so it is recommended to test communication with trial equipment beforehand.
To request trial equipment, please contact your local distributor.
1-6 What needs paying attention to antenna installation?
Please avoid places where there are obstacles around the antenna, the antenna is invisible, the wall is parallel to the antenna, and so on.
In particular, please install it so that it is not surrounded by materials that hinder the propagation of radio waves, such as iron or aluminum.
1-7 Is equipment installation provided?
We do not provide equipment installation. Please consult companies specializing in electrical equipment installation in your local area.

Q2. Pokayoke Tools

2-1 Which torque wrenches can the TW-800 series transmitter attach to?
The transmitter can be attached to the "LS" type by Tohnichi Manufacturing and the "MB" type by Nakamura Manufacturing.
There is equipment, such as air wrench models, that requires optional parts and other equipment that cannot be mounted. If you have any questions, please contact your local distributor.
2-2 What is the battery life of the TW-800 series transmitter?
It is about 300,000 uses (TW-800T).
2-3 Can I use the transmitter even in a factory using 2.4 GHz band radio?
The TW-800 series uses arbitrary channels from among 76 channels in the 2,403–2,478 MHz band, and communicates using multiple channels.
Since one communication is completed in a short time (around several tens of milliseconds), it can be used without problems if there is no separate product occupying the same frequency band.
When using many wireless devices in the same area, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or RFID please consult with your local distributor.
2-4 Is there a transmitter protector?
We provide the TW-510C-1 and TW-510C-2 as protectors when attached to a torque wrench.
For torque wrenches from Tohnich Manufacturing, we recommend the TW-510C-1 for a torque wrench of 50N or less, and the TW-510C-2 for a torque wrench of above 50N.

Q3. Wireless Call Systems

3-1 How many sets can be used in the same area?
The AN920 series can select 16 frequency channels.
In addition, it is possible to set 10 types of set numbers and 10 types of unit numbers for the code details to be transmitted.
Hence, you can use 1,600 sets. (16 types of channels × 10 types of set numbers × 10 types of unit numbers = 1,600 sets).
3-2 Is there a display device (receiver) with a 10–indicator panel?
The AN920 series offer 4–indicator and 8–indicator panel types.
If you need a 10–indicator panel, we recommend using a combination of 4–indicator and 8–indicator panel types. We also provide custom-ordered products.
Please contact your local distributor.

Q4. Remote Control Systems

4-1 What is the receiver output specification?
The output of the RC-242RF and RC-248RF is a MOS-FET relay.
The maximum rated load voltage is AC/DC 30 V and the maximum rated load current is 0.5 A.
4-2 Is the transmitter waterproof?
The RC-24 series are not waterproof.

Q5. Product Repairs

5-1 How can I request a repair?
Please contact the distributor where you purchased the product.
5-2 Can I get a quote before requesting a repair?
Since the cost varies depending on the nature of repairs, we will inform you of an estimate after we investigate the item to be repaired.
For a repair estimate, please contact the distributor where you purchased the product.
iIt may be that a fee could be incurred even for estimating a repair.)
5-3 Can I check if the product can be repaired?
For products that have passed the repair correspondence period, it may not be possible to effect a repair due to parts no longer being available.
Please contact the distributor where you purchased the product, and provide the product model and serial numbers.
5-4 Can an on-site repair be provided?
Normally, items are repaired by sending the product to the distributor where you purchased the product.

Please feel free to contact us regarding product inquiries, opinions, or requests.

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