HERUTU ELECTRONICS CORPORATION provides industrial wireless solutions for manufacturing sites: Pokayoke Tools (transmitter & receiver, pliers wrench, check pen), Wireless Call Systems (Andon), and Remote Control Systems.

Pokayoke Tools

Pokayoke Compatible Tools List

Introducing Pokayoke Compatible Tools

Pokayoke tools are a group of IoT tools that support mistake prevention (pokayoke) for tasks involving tools in the production process. By combining with our Pokayoke wireless device, tools such as the torque wrench, pliers wrench, check pen S (marking pen), power tool, electric screwdriver, riveter, grease gun, approval stamp, bundling tool, etc., can all be used as Pokayoke compatible. In response to customer requests, we will increase the variety of Pokayoke compatible tools.

Tools (with Pokayoke transmitters)

Herutu Electronics Original Products

Herutu Electronics Original Products

Supporting Products from Tool Manufacturers

Supporting Products from Tool Manufacturers


Pokayoke Receivers


We have an extensive lineup of receivers with various interfaces. You can select the best receiver for your needs according to the specifications of your network environment.
・ I/O relay output
・ RS-232C serial output
・ LAN connection
・ CC-Link IE Field Basic support
・ Count display

Pokayoke Receivers

Comm. Distance
(33-55yd) Indoors

(may vary depending on the environment)

A tool (transmitter) and a receiver can be
easily paired for use.


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